SEO makes everything better

The purpose of marketing is to be seen, therefore to attract more customers. The bigger the number of visitors on the company’s website page, the bigger the chance that the visitors will become the customers. because of that it is important to be familiar with the SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The SEO helps to increase the number of visitors to a company’s website by remaining the high rank in the search results page of the search engine such as Google. Bing, etc.

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The Business Insider gives us the 10 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started :

  1. Monitor Where You Stand. We won’t know if there is any improvements, if we don’t monitor the search standings. It’s easy to monitor the website’s search ranking using the Google Toolbar
  2. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. Choose appropriate and unique keywords for you title, content, URLs, and image names. Also be aware that putting the enormous amount of keywords can make you look like spammer, and the search engines are programmed to ignore those appearances.
  3. Link Back to Yourself. The primary strategy for the SEO is to ingrate internal links into your site. This is the easiest way to attract the traffic to your page.
  4. Create a Sitemap. The visitors like when the website is create simple, and when it takes them fewer clicks to get where they wanna be. A page listing and linking to all the major pages on your website is a great idea to make it easier for your website visitors.
  5. Search-Friendly URLs. Always use simple, and clear to understand URL names. In this case, the simplicity is golden.

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6. Avoid Flash. Flash maybe looks fancy, but it is completely useless. If you decide to have your main page as the splash page with flash, put the text and the navigation links under it.

7.Image descriptions. Always have the description of the image as descriptive as possible. The text in the picture is useless because the spiders can only read the text explaining the image, but not the text on the image. so, name every picture on your site.

8.Content. The content of your website should always be updated. Actually, one of the best ways to have your content always updated is to integrate the blog.

9. Social Media Distribution. Distribute your website on social media as much as possible. There are many ways to do that now such as recommended, re-tweeted, or shared by someone else.

10.Link to others. Really good way to attract more visitors to your site is to create partnerships with other websites. They can promote your site on their pages, and you can certainly return the favor.

The use of SEO makes it easier for the companies to boost their traffic on the websites, and it is definitely useful tool for the businesses.

The original article 10 Basic SEO tips to get you started can be found by clicking the pink hyper link.

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The company that benefited from using SEO for its website is Buffalo Wild Wings. They had invested heavily on many marketing and advertising channels before using SEO without seeing any improvements. With using SEO, Buffalo Wild Wings edited their Name Address and Phone number on the BWW official site. With this editing, the business experiences incredible results, and it became the first ranked for all local search queries based on each of their location.


Why you should be using Google Analytics!

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I’ll be discussing the benefits and uses of web analytics but first and foremost what is web analytics you may ask? Well in a nutshell it’s a tool used for collecting data about the persons who visit websites. It also tells us how visitors found our website and which keywords they used in order to find our site. Google analytics actually tracks this information down, gathers it and were’ able to use this information to improve our website in areas which are lacking.
Google analytics is split into four key reporting areas which are visitors, acquisition, behavior and conversions. We’re able to see what they are doing on our websites by viewing which pages have the highest traffic. The audience report is important because it determines which devices people are using when they visit our webpages whether it’s android, iPhone, laptops running windows or Linux. This is important because with this information we can determine whether our websites are compatible with these devices. Google analytics also determines our user’s location, age and interests as well which is why this is a very important analytical tool for not just determining traffic but also for budgets.

With all the data collected and analyzed we can wisely allocate our budgets towards areas which are lacking and help improve them significantly. I know you must be thinking “Wow I bet it’s expensive!” well it’s actually free. It’s as simple as just visiting and signing up and following the on screen instructions. And yet they say the best things in life aren’t free!


When you’re involved in business and marketing it’s imperative to stay in or at least be ahead of the curve and honestly there’s no better way to do it than through this free tool provided by google.

The business that has benefited from using Google Analytics is Epson. Funny how the business’ slogan “exceed your vision” perfectly describes purpose of the web analysis as well. Epson finds the conversion analysis behind Google Analysis as a perfect measurement to determine the success of its advertising.



The Business Benefits of Google Analytics Link

From Bland to Grand

The most successful businesses know that nowadays the Internet plays the most important role for marketing. That is the reason why they invest a lot of money and time to make their website page to look better and to work more efficient than the competitor’s page. Carrie Cousins explains how to create good good website page by following 5 Ways To Make Your Website Better Today.

So let’s begin:

1. Reboot with images. Keep in mind that the majority of the visitors are visual, and that they pay attention to the pictures that are shown on the website. Because of that, we have to make sure to update newer and more interesting pictures on a daily basis. the visitors will appreciate the accuracy and innovation  of the pictures.

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2. Take Typography Up a Notch. Feel free to play with the font of the letters on the website page. The simplicity is not always the best solution. sometimes it is good to be different than others, and for example have Disney font for the letters. At the end, we all love Disney.

3. Try a Trendy Hue. The website should definite;y look eye-catching, and the colors on it can be very helpful for it. Be brave and put some crazy eye-catching color just to make it different. For example, earlier known as a “the new neutral” and today known as a “lime-green” is a great choice for buttons, links, and etc. on a darker backgrounds.

4. Add a video. The video became a definite must have for the advertising. It is completely okay to be short and simple. After all, you don’t want to be boring to your visitors with some 20-minutes video commercial. who has time today for that long videos ? Not me, that’s for sure.

5. Picque Interest with icons. We all know that social media is life nowadays. The way easier and efficient way to communicate with your visitors on the web page is to provide icon pack. Easy and simple way to do next desired action after carefully viewing the website.

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These are all very easy, but essential thing to make the business website working efficiently. the customer will appreciate the simplicity, but at the same time, the creativity and differentiation of the website.

The good example for the efficient business website is a clothing brand Hollister Co. The first thing that I notice when I visit their website is always the new pictures on the home page. They targeted their audience to the young people who like casual clothing style, and that is exactly what kind of pictures they post. The colors that overwhelm the page are always the colors that are the most fashionable at the moment. In addition, the menu is very well organized, and there is a clear distinction between guys and the girls sector.

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At the end of the day there’s more than one way to skin a cat or to write a blog. But one thing they all include  is that there needs to be some personal touch when it comes to making a business blog. Some passion should be used to make your business website standout and to attract visitors. We shouldn’t be so generic in our approach but attempt to breath life into our website by adding that touch of personal flavor and creativity. I like how this blog’s post meshes with my previous one in showing that there’s more to creating a successful business website and that they both coincide with one another.

Link to article :

5 Tips for Successful Business Blogging


Blogging just like any other industry requires some background information before diving in head first and I’ve found just the right tips for maintaining a successful business blog according to Ky Tiesel.

  • Write regularly
    Even though it’s a business blog the key is to stay consistent. Writing regularly keeps our readers engaged to us and we show them that we care enough to keep updating our blogs.
  • Blogging is a vehicle for promoting our business
    Blogging is advertising at the end of the day whether its our brand or another. We are sharing our thoughts each time we post an article.
  • Business is Personal
    We should keep things personal to an extent to keep our readers engaged with our life. If we cannot keep up with the blog or find that we don’t want to be so personal, we should have a trusted business associate be the face of our blog.
  • Our blog shouldn’t just be about us and our business
    I found this very helpful when Ky mentioned that we should blog about what’s going on in our industry and also give tips and hints without the fear of having people only come to our blog to steal our ideas. He discussed how having them visit our blog and them realizing how we cared for the industry as a whole, would make us gain customers in the process.
  • Honesty
    We should be honest in our reviews and not have any bias because whenever we are found to be dishonest we immediately lose credibility. There’s many ways to have a successful business formula and there is not just one cookie cutter formula. We just have to keep writing regularly and stay honest in our blogs. This way we can build a regular base with our readers and keep them engaged. People love to feel a sense of connection with certain brands and that’s what a successful business blog really is at the end of the day, us showing that we are human at the end of the day just like our readers, that we care about our industry just as much as them and that we too can grow and learn with each other.

A successful business blog which I’ve frequented over the past few years is Financial Samurai. Financial samurai not only gives great advice for business start ups, blogging and personal finance but also includes articles on lifestyle. It is run by a guy by the name of Sam who started out working a regular 9-5 job then decided to venture into business blogging. He’s been very successful ever since. This website also is great because it doesn’t just talk about 501ks but also digs into real estate and other financial ventures which is why it’s been so successful. Just reading one of the comment sections show’s how much attention this website garners.


Hello my name is Zorana but you can just call me Zoka for short. I attend Southwest Baptist University and I’m a International Business major. I hail from the beautiful country Serbia, not to be mistaken for Siberia.
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