As you can see, we are still counting down social media networks that can be beneficial for your business. Today the focus will be on LinkedIn, Flickr, and Periscope. Read carefully following tips because they will help you to increase your business awareness.


I feel like LinkedIn is a hot topic for young people who are just starting their careers. It helps to get out of the shell, ans to start meeting new business people. Brian Shutter wrote an excellent article with some tips to get more efficient on LinkedIn. the article is called 5 Tips for Promoting Your Business on Linkedln:

1.Republish your blog post on LinkedIn

2.Want to build your connections? follow people on Twitter first

3.Endorse your contacts

4.Split-test your headshot

5. Set up smarter privacy settings


Flickr is one of the social media platforms that definitely should not be neglected. Flickr attracted already a lot of users, and you should become one of them too, if you are already not. Lisa Barone has a great examples how to promote your business with Flickr account in her article 4 Ways To Market Your SMB With Flickr

1.Earn additional ranking for targeted terms

2.Drive traffic to your website

3.Build photo testimonials

4.Find content for your site


While creating this post, I also learned some new stuff with you guys. Since video marketing made very big boom on social media stage, here are some tips to promote your business on Periscope. The article 5 Tips For Marketing Your Business on Periscope was shared by NextLevel Media Communications.

1.Create an exclusive experience

2.Send your live event around the world

3.Increase customer engagement with live broadcasting

4.Form a customer relationship with a relatable brand

5. Manipulate emotion to drive attention to your brand

I hope that you enjoyed reading this. I also hope that you will use these tips to improve your business marketing, or if you still don’t have some of these networks i hope you’ll create your accounts tonight 🙂

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3 thoughts on “More Great Social Networks for Your Business

  1. Love the format and the pink! Good information throughout your post and GOOD examples. I like that you put a lot of information in such a compact blog, it was easy to read. Nice Job!


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