Today we will focus on three other social media platforms. Talking every day about some other networks only shows how much influence these online networks actually have on business marketing. Let;s see what we have for today.


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Casandra Campell in her article 4 Great Ways to Use Reddit for Your Business focuses on business growth through Reddit. by her, the most important things for using Reddit as a marketing promotion is:

1.Get content ideas. everything that gets posted on the website can be upvoted or downvoted depending on whether users like the content or not. spend some time getting good ideas.

2. Drive traffic to your website. Don’t be just side character on the Reddit, but also contribute to the community by sharing your own relevant content.

3.Create a community. Be some of the first business to create your own community on Reddit, just how many business do it on Facebook. It will pay off.

4. Get a valuable backlink. It’s very beneficial to create your own subreddit. By having your own subreddit, you can choose which links to have in the sidebar.

I honestly just heard of this social network, but it sounds fun, and i feel like it is definitely worth of shot.


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Pinterest is very cool place to combine your passions with the community where you engage in. That is probably the reason why it has the highest percentage of female users from all social networks. Also, it is one of the fastest  and youngest growing social networks. Pinterest exists only for  2 years, but already made a great boom on the market.

Nikki Quinterro wrote an article on subject 5 Ways To Promote Your Business with Pinterest. These are the tips that she gives:

1.Use it as a virtual store

2. Give an insider view of your company

3. Hold a contest

4. Showcase your portfolio

5. Get customer feedback

These are all pretty straight-forward tips that will definitely mamke your Pinterest account more efficient, and help you to put your business on the spotlight as well. Good luck, and do your best!


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As you see, today we focus on the newer social medial platforms. all of these networks are very promising, and who knows, maybe exactly one of this becomes #1 social network by the number of users soon. Don’t waste your time, come to the Tumblr, if you are not already there.

Socialmedia Delivered gives some very simple but essential tips for promoting your business on Tumblr. By Five Tips to Use Tumblr for Your business, these are all you have to know guys:

1.Share images and videos

2.Share other blogs more than your own. Hmm, this is interesting tip. focus on finding good quality content and reblog.

3.However, the most reblogged content is always images and shorter pieces

4. Post at the right time

5.Use tags but do not go overboard. 

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