When i think about Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat… i get really happy! These are my favorite social networks. I have to admit that i am actually a little bit biased since Instagram is definitely my #1 social network. So it was very interesting to do a little bit of research, and find some good tips how to implement these three cool networks into your marketing plan in order to help your business marketing.


As i previously mentioned. I am a very big fan of Instagram. i think that pictures can say more than 1000 words, and i think that Instagram was definitely a brilliant idea to create. The fact that is only visual and does not require reading long text makes it simple and efficient. however, you have to find your own way to play with your pictures and be creative and interesting to your audience. Veronika Baranovska gives some cool tips how to use Instagram profile as a beneficial tool to your business marketing. Her article is called 7 Tips For Using Instagram For Business

1. Show what you do in a creative way

2.Create a winning profile

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3.Take them behind-the-scenes

4.Expand your reach with #hashtags

5. Collaborate and @mention others

6. Build anticipation

7. Analyze your success and build on it


YouTube is one of the oldest but still the most popular social networks, and non of the new social networks can change that necessity of YouTube. Does anyone else feel like me that you can find there absolutely everything that crosses your mind? If you just are sitting at your home and tying to figure out how to cut the cucumber for the salad properly, the first thing that majority people will do is of course… YouTube it! That might be one of the reason why your company should be on YouTube. Many people are just YouTubing random things, and eventually they might YouTube your promotion.

The power of YouTube is great. however, it is time to get serious, and provide you with some good tips for using YouTube as a tool to promote your business. MindBody site talks about 7 ways to Effectively Use YouTube to Market Your Business

1.Make a YouTube channel that reflects your brand name

2.Use the right words

3.Include social network profiles

4. Upload a trailer

.5. Post how-to videos about your product or service

6. Get noticed

7. Include Testimonials

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Snapchat is the youngest of these three social networks, however it grow still continues. People really had a Snapchat fever, and suddenly everyone has a Snapchat account too. The first business that I saw promoting on Snapchat are fashion magazines and stores, but now it is very easy for every business to create Snapchat account, and start sending short videos or pictures. Ashley Zeknmen has very interesting article about 7 Tips For Incorporating Snapchat into your Marketing Strategy

Image result for snapchat tips

1.Add value for everyone

2. Be innovative, but don’t strive for protection

3. Just like Instagram, give the behind-the-scene look

4. Allow influences to do a Snapchat “takeover”

5. Don’t be afraid to test but be realistic about ROI

6. Take advantage of Snapchat features

7. How to do a Snapchat with “Limited Resource”

All of these social networks are pretty simple and fun. Take some time, be creative, and make promotion of your company while having fun online!

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2 thoughts on “My Social Network Favorites

  1. I didn’t know that YouTube was one of the oldest social media platforms. That’s cool to know!

    I like Instagram, too. Some of the pictures on their are simply amazing. I can waste a lot of time on there which probably makes certain businesses quite happy.


  2. Hey great article, i like Instagram too its such a simple and very pleasing to the eyes as far as formatting goes which is so nice!
    Whoa i didn’t know youtube was the oldest social media platform as well! very interning information!


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