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Social Media is definitely very popular among people. It is hard to find a person who does not have at least some social media account. There is something for , and you just need to choose which one you like the most. Today, we will focus on the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Each of these social media networks is different, so we will look for some marketing tips for using each of these accounts.


Cindy King in her article Six Facebook Marketing Tips From the Pros focuses specifically on Facebook, and gives some beneficial tips for using Facebook to promote your business. These are her tips coming from the pros:

1. Use ActionSprout for Email Acquisition (All other tips are pretty self-explanatory except the first one. We all know that the most visited on Facebook is New Feeds, and not any other page. Many times when audience suppose to be involved in some project on Faceboook, they have to leave the News Feed and actually visit the required page. Action Sprout eliminates that barrier by letting you to put the acquisition action in the news feed)

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2.Boost a New Product Announcement

3.Use Website Custom Audience

4.Power Up your PR Efforts

5.Use Audience Insights

6.Split Test Facebook Ads

If you use these benefits properly, you can increase your company’s promotion a lot. Facebook is probably the most popular social network in the world right now. Don’t waste this opportunity.


Talking about Twitter now, Twitter is mostly the power of the word! It acknowledges how good are you in writing, and how much people appreciate what you tweet. It’s important to tweet original and catchy posts. Bernard Perrine in his article 5 Tips for Using Twitter to Drive Sales  explains how a person can use Twitter to increase sales for our business. Perrine writes:

1. Run a contest to increase engagement

2.Promote Specials and Offers

3.Create “Twitter-Specific” Offers

4.Engage your Twitter Community with the excitement of the season

5.Leverage Tweets about great purchases, shopping experiences and highlights from followers suggesting others buying from your brand


Google+ user number grows rapidly since Google made it mandatory for all gmail users to have Google+ account as well. Google+ is very beneficial for the Search Engine Optimization by making it easier for the marketers to show up on search results. Jason Miller writes about 5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing. Miller lists following:

1.Include Keywords and Relevant Links on Your About Page

2.Connect With your Whole Audience Using Google+ Events

3.Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results

4.Set up Google Authorship for SEO Benefits

5.Find Relevant Users and Conversations to Engage With

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If you already have Google+ account, you probably already know what I am talking about. For the rest of us who still don’t have Google+ account, I guess there is one more world there to discover.

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