The power of video is great! There is no better way to promote some product or service than creating a video story about it. An the beauty is, that it;s your video, so you create it exactly how you want to. In order to to create beneficial video to promote your company, listen to these tips that Jack Danielson’s has to give you in his article 5 Tips For Using Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

1 – Length Matters – Keep Them Short. Just like in everything in life, you don’t want to be bore to people, or bother them for too long. The audience usually has short spam of attention, so you want to have short video with clear message about your company’s product or service. The risk of having long video is that the audience maybe won’t watch it until the end, so it might miss your “call to action” message.

2 – Upload Directly To Social Media. Don’t upload your video to YouTube, and then try to share the link to the other social network. Each social media network has its own way of optimizing you videos for better results and visibility.

3 – Embed Logo and Links. Remember that the videos are great way to improve your brand awareness. The great tactic is also, to put your company’s logo and tag line in the corner of the screen. Like this, your company’s name can be seen during the whole video, and it can get stuck in the audience’s mind.

4 – Optimize For Search Engines. Even when posting your videos on social networks, it’s good to optimize them for the targeted SEO keywords. Choose the keywords that will be easy to think of when thinking about your company, and make sure that the video has the catchy title to remember for even easier search.

5 – Add a Call to Action. Never forget to add a CTA link to your video.Try to be as creative as possible in your video, so the CTA link would be the the most logical thing for your audience to click after watching the video.

Even though I gave an example of for the Online Display Advertising, this company inspired me again when i searched for the companies that do the best jobs in promoting their products through videos on social media. If you ask me, the videos that Nike creates in order to promote its sport gear are can’t be compared to any other sportswear company. Nike’s video are absolutely amazing.

This company has motivational videos for each sport that they create gear for.In each video, you can see one of the world’s best athletes for specific sport talking about it, or performing it. The videos are short, but extremely powerful. The videos have the best visual picture, sound, other effects, and strong message to get me out of house and lead directly to the court to work out (in Nike gear of course).



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