While reading Massimo Chieruzzi’s article 5 Visual Storytelling Tips to Power your Content marketing on Facebook, two statements really got my attention. Firstly, “Visual Storytelling has been a powerful state-of-the-heart method of communication”, and secondly, “93 percent of the most engaging Facebook posts include images”. So, let’s see which tips Chieruzzi’s has to give us for better communication through our Facebook images.

1. Showcase your inner culture. Let your customers to get to know your company better by introducing them to your inner culture and values of your company. Post pictures of the happy employees having cookout on a sunny day, some company achievement, or things that the customers are passionate about. By getting to know more about your company, you will get more loyal customers.

2. Let a mascot be your spokesperson. The mascot is very powerful tool for the marketing. Think in the case of the university, how many times you couldn’t remember the name of the school but you knew exactly the name and the look of the school’s mascot? The mascot gives the face and the personality to your brand. in addition, the study shows that the fictional characters create bigger social media boom than the celebrities.

3. Use audience-generated content. Get better connection with your customers but letting them to submit content on company’s page such as their picture with the company’s product for example, and then tagging them on their submissions. The audience will appreciate the try to get closer to your customers.

4. Bring out the protagonist. Share reviews and testimonials from those benefiting from your product. The word of mouth is the best marketing after all. People will appreciate your product or service more, if they see that brought good to many of the people already. Good example is also to share your story, how you started, which difficulties you had to overcome, and how your product now changes other peoples lives.

5. Leverage the power of videos. Video is always better story teller that the picture. According to Chieruzzi, “8/10 most shared content on Facebook last year included some form of video”. This can be addition to the bullet point #1. Post a video of the happy employees having cookout on a sunny day, some company achievement, or things that the customers are passionate about.

The company that has very good visual storytelling on Facebook is Starbucks. Starbucks posts on a regular basis Instagram photos of its fans to give a customer’s-eye view of the brand.

5 Visual Storytelling Tips To Implement On Facebook 3

This picture posted by a Starbucks fan generated more than a 80,000 likes, more than 350 comments, and more than 1,400 shares for the Starbucks Facebook Page. This is excellent strategy from Starbucks to use the word of mouth tactic, and also to bring welcoming to the new customers to Starbucks Family.

Another thing I like about Starbucks is that they always post the pictures that match specific period of the year. They have pictures with the Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines coffee cups, etc., and happy people hanging out with the friends while drinking coffee.  This is very good strategy as well because the majority of the people are visual, and small decorative coffee cups help them to get into the Holiday mood. My favorite thought of a winter is sitting in the cozy room, watching Christmas movie, and having a cop of hot coffee in my hand.



2 thoughts on “Visual Storytelling on Facebook

  1. Your blog looks great! I like how to you related to the information that was given. This was the first time I read about using a mascot when it comes to visual story telling.


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