Social media strategy is the plan how the company will use the social media to communicate with the rest of the world. There are goals, objectives, and the desired outcome that company wants to achieve by using social media. Social media can be powerful tool in the world of marketing, and James Gurd gives us 6 reasons why you need a social media strategy.

1. The social web still is growing fast. Two interesting facts: 1) people accessing the internet from their phones increased 60% between 2012 and 2014; 2) age of 45-64 is the fastest growing bracket on the social media networks such as Tweeter and Facebook. Creating a targeted social media strategy will help you focus on using relevant platforms to connect with existing and new customers.

2. Purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. Nearly half of social media users are already using social media platforms when it’s about making a purchase. According to the Gurd: “40% of users are actively deciding what to buy based on what they have seen on social media platforms, including reviews and recommendations, and this is only set to grow”.

3. Lack of strategy hands the advantage to competitors. Having a strategy means that you devoted enough period of time to plan every step of your work. If you want to market your company on social media, you have to market it good. You cannot just post a content, and let it go and be seen. You have to know what to post, when, how, to whom and why. Poor social media posting only helps your competitors who take social media posting way more seriously than you.

4. Your customers are active on social media. Your customers are active on social media, and they will want to reach to you. they will have questions, and they will demand best possible answer. The best solution is Facebook or Tweeter customer service page. This requires some serious strategy in order to have always available and up-to date customer service.

5. There are key influencers in every social network. Remember the power of peer and influencer recommendation. We all know how customer ratings or reviews can change what we think about some product or service. Good strategy is also to have area expert, celebrity, self-made social media star, or some other trending influencer in order to help promote your company.

6. Reputations can be enhanced or destroyed on social networks. Social media plays very big role in the company’s promotion nowadays. Good promotion can bring you many benefits, but in case that your promotion gets negative feedback your company’s image can be ruined for a very long period of time.

Company that is doing amazing job on social media is Royal Dutch Airline. This company really understands the importance of customers engagement. As an Airline, they are always up to date. They put a lot of effort effort in their Customer Service section. The airline industry requires always to be in touch with the customers in case that the flight got delayed, canceled, etc. The innovation that Royal Dutch came up with is not only that they reply to the customer’s question, but before replying they give the estimated time in which the customer will get the answer.



One thought on “Why You Need A Good Strategy For Social Media

  1. Oh, that’s really cool that the Royal Dutch Airlines even has an “expected response” time update!

    Airlines definitely have to keep in close contact with their customers. Gate changes and cancellations happen so frequently that it’s important to update your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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