With the fact that digital world became an absolute necessity nowadays, we experience many benefits and relieves that come with it. Marketing is area that definitely benefited from the innovation in technology. Online Display Advertising is easy and efficient way to attract more customers. Many studies show that people react better on what they see, such as a display with an advertised product or service on it.

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LookSmart Blog gives three essentials how to create your own online display advertisement in 3 Tips For Effective Online Advertising article.

  1. Clutter – Free. Decide which message you want to have on your banner, and stick with it. Too much information can be overwhelming, and the potential customer could get confused about what is actually advertised. Keep it simple and clear.
  2. Call to Action. Make sure that your display ad has very clear “call to action” It should be easy for the customers to understand what they need to do. The best way would be to have “Click here”, or “Buy now” button.
  3. Creativity. Be creative! More effort you put in your advertisement, more people will be attracted to it. Remember that it needs to be eye catching. Do more research about how different colors affect readers, and which backgrounds fit the most with your product.

These are the essentials that are absolutely must have for the good online display advertisement. Of course, if you put more effort than this, you can only make your advertisement better. It’s simple and fun way to promote your product or service.

The company that achieved excellent business exposure with online display ads is Nike. They promote their products heavily with online display ads. In their ads they use images, but also audio and video as well. Nike always uses some of the best athletes in the world in their ad in order to attract more people to watch it, and eventually click on it.

But this time, Nike went even further more. Through a specially designed, real-time delivery tool, immersive 3-D display ads appeared across the desktop and mobile in the Google Display Network within second happening on TV. So Nike created display ads that can show the world’s best athletes in their moments of sport brilliance. Attracting more customers through the performances of world’s best athletes, pretty brilliant Nike.



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