The thinking that paid search marketing is beneficial tool only for the big companies is wrong. The small, local business can also experience the benefits from it. Barney Garcia gives us 5 Search Engine Marketing Tips To compete with the Big Guys. The key for the small business to have successful Search Engine Marketing as well is to be tactical, and to follow these tips.

  1. Keyword Selection. In order to be able to compete with the bigger and richer companies, it is very important to be strategic in keywords selection. The best option is to pick the keywords that are pretty straight forward. Long tail keywords are beneficial too because they are good for targeting and cost efficient, but the disadvantage is that they can cause less traffic to your advertisement.
  2. Day/Geographic Parting. This is very important for the small business. Since the company works primarily locally, there is no need to use targeting for the whole county. In addition, day parting helps to limited the part of the day when you want to run the ads.Running the ads only at the time of the day when is the biggest conversion is very good competitive tactic as well.
  3. Ad Extensions. Since the small business usually has limited time when actually runs the adds, it is important to have there as much information as possible. For example, Google offers many ad extensions such as reviews, click to call links, location information, etc. Personally, my favorite ad extension is reviews.
  4. Engaging and Enticing Ad Copy. When you know that is not possible to outbid bigger companies, it’s crucial to be creative with your ad. The goal is to have an ad that stands out from the others, and that seems as a logical choice for the customers to click on it.

5. Looking Outside of Google. Don’t forget that there are more search engines than only google. the truth is, google is the most popular one and also the most expensive one, logically because there is the most traffic there. However, there are many more search engines such as Bing, or less popular LookSmart, Admarketplace, etc. These search engines do not have as much traffic as Google, but they are less expensive,and it’s a good idea to market there as well.

Even though the article is focused on the small business, I would like to spotlight Microsoft as a company that benefits from the paid search marketing. just to see how the big companies are doing it. Microsoft uses two ads, one from and the other one from this actually violets the Google’s rule that one company cannot use more than 1 account. But this is usual thing regarding big companies and paid search marketing.

The ad from the second account is more sales oriented, and Microsoft put more effort to develop this ad. It consists of couple calls-to-action in the ad copy and sitelink ad extensions to “buy. It provides the product information and the price which are great details, but the reviews section needs to be improved. Still, these two ads have unbelievable selling power for the Microsoft.



4 thoughts on “Search Engine Marketing for Small Business

  1. I enjoyed how your post accentuated the little guys. They can often be forgotten about with these marketing tactics and ideas. But I appreciated you using an article that talked about them and what they can do to compete.


  2. Thanks for the enlightenment on this subject! I have also talked about keywords in my blog: they’re VERY important, and the more specific they are, the better your ad traffic will be. Microsoft is a great company to spotlight on, since they’re tech savvy and very successful at what they do. Great job!


  3. I’d like to comment on your blog! It looks great nicely done. Also, your post formatting is really well done. The paragraphs aren’t too long and you made a good use of bolding your initial points on your numbered list. Finally, great point on not solely focusing on Google to advertise on. I know Bing is picking up quiet a bit of steam. I’m looking forward to more posts from you. Great job!


  4. I really enjoyed the layout of your blog! Additionally, remembering to mention other search engines was a nice touch. Most articles I found only mentioned Google and disregarded the other tools available to marketers. Great post!


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