Is it the email marketing one of the best things that happened to the marketing world? I surely think it is. It’s incredible how creative is human mind by constantly making new ideas which improve the efficiency of the human work. Even now, with the social media, SEO, etc. the email marketing still represents big role for the business marketing.

The article 5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing found on the fatrabbitcreative website  shows us the 5 most essential benefits of the email marketing.

  1. Email marketing is targeted. Targeted marketing  is much more efficient than non targeted marketing. With targeted marketing we don’t have to put our advertisement out in public, and hope that the right people will see it. Targeted marketing allows us to place the advertisement to the audience that most likely will become the future customers based on the demographic, location, or any other data.
  2. Email Marketing increases brand awareness. Email marketing is very cost efficient way to increase the brand awareness. The only things you need to put effort in are effective design and content of the email. With every sent email, the business has been advertised. And it’s a good chance that people who open it will become a customers if they like what they see.
  3. Email Marketing Is Easily Shareable. Probably the most easiest way fr the business to spread its brand awareness is email sharing. The person likes the email offer, and immediately shares it to his/her friends. With only one email send from the business, by forwarding email it continues its journey to the next prospective customers.
  4. Email Marketing is Measurable. While many marketing channels use estimates for their analytics, the email marketing offers the precise information. And these information are not only numbers and percents, but also the information to which the customers are more responsive. Email marketing can track consumers behavior, which is very useful tool in a a marketing world.
  5. Email marketing is cost effective. even though all these benefits seem very appealing, the people usually like to see the cost effects. Because of that the last advantage comes as the icing on the cake. email marketing has very good return on investment. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spent, outperforming search, display, and social marketing.

So, in my opinion, email marketing is a great way to promote your own business effectively and cost efficiently. It allows you to choose to whom you want to sent it, it’s easy to spread among the people, and it definitely pays off. After all, we all have email connected to our smart phones nowadays, and I know that I open it couple of times during the day not from the necessity but from the habitual behavior.

The company that benefits from email marketing from my own experience is Expedia. As member of Expedia, I receive many email with the most popular offers during the day. Not only that, but I receive email for the destinations that I recently checked on Expedia’s website. Since that flight prices can change drastically in period of only one day, the most efficient way for Expedia to inform its customers about the current prices is definitely email marketing.

Furthermore, on December 14, 2015, the decided to add MessageGears to its enterprise email marketing solution. With this solution the company can improve its data efficiency by not replicating it in the cloud anymore.  Just as Scott Grove, Sr. Director of Technology  at said for the MessageGears Provides Enterprise-Wide Email Marketing Solution to Expedia “MessageGears provides us with unique benefits including real-time access to our customer data from a centralized databases. This allows us to increase the personalization and relevancy of our communication with our customers”.




2 thoughts on “Marketing in your email box

  1. Hey killer article, also its snowing on your website, idk if you know that but ITS AWESOME!! also i like how you put your own life experience in the blog. I have the same thing happen to me! i receive so many emails and i can tell which ones are good marketing and which ones are poor!


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