More Great Social Networks for Your Business

As you can see, we are still counting down social media networks that can be beneficial for your business. Today the focus will be on LinkedIn, Flickr, and Periscope. Read carefully following tips because they will help you to increase your business awareness.


I feel like LinkedIn is a hot topic for young people who are just starting their careers. It helps to get out of the shell, ans to start meeting new business people. Brian Shutter wrote an excellent article with some tips to get more efficient on LinkedIn. the article is called 5 Tips for Promoting Your Business on Linkedln:

1.Republish your blog post on LinkedIn

2.Want to build your connections? follow people on Twitter first

3.Endorse your contacts

4.Split-test your headshot

5. Set up smarter privacy settings


Flickr is one of the social media platforms that definitely should not be neglected. Flickr attracted already a lot of users, and you should become one of them too, if you are already not. Lisa Barone has a great examples how to promote your business with Flickr account in her article 4 Ways To Market Your SMB With Flickr

1.Earn additional ranking for targeted terms

2.Drive traffic to your website

3.Build photo testimonials

4.Find content for your site


While creating this post, I also learned some new stuff with you guys. Since video marketing made very big boom on social media stage, here are some tips to promote your business on Periscope. The article 5 Tips For Marketing Your Business on Periscope was shared by NextLevel Media Communications.

1.Create an exclusive experience

2.Send your live event around the world

3.Increase customer engagement with live broadcasting

4.Form a customer relationship with a relatable brand

5. Manipulate emotion to drive attention to your brand

I hope that you enjoyed reading this. I also hope that you will use these tips to improve your business marketing, or if you still don’t have some of these networks i hope you’ll create your accounts tonight 🙂

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Social Network Pioneers

Today we will focus on three other social media platforms. Talking every day about some other networks only shows how much influence these online networks actually have on business marketing. Let;s see what we have for today.


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Casandra Campell in her article 4 Great Ways to Use Reddit for Your Business focuses on business growth through Reddit. by her, the most important things for using Reddit as a marketing promotion is:

1.Get content ideas. everything that gets posted on the website can be upvoted or downvoted depending on whether users like the content or not. spend some time getting good ideas.

2. Drive traffic to your website. Don’t be just side character on the Reddit, but also contribute to the community by sharing your own relevant content.

3.Create a community. Be some of the first business to create your own community on Reddit, just how many business do it on Facebook. It will pay off.

4. Get a valuable backlink. It’s very beneficial to create your own subreddit. By having your own subreddit, you can choose which links to have in the sidebar.

I honestly just heard of this social network, but it sounds fun, and i feel like it is definitely worth of shot.


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Pinterest is very cool place to combine your passions with the community where you engage in. That is probably the reason why it has the highest percentage of female users from all social networks. Also, it is one of the fastest  and youngest growing social networks. Pinterest exists only for  2 years, but already made a great boom on the market.

Nikki Quinterro wrote an article on subject 5 Ways To Promote Your Business with Pinterest. These are the tips that she gives:

1.Use it as a virtual store

2. Give an insider view of your company

3. Hold a contest

4. Showcase your portfolio

5. Get customer feedback

These are all pretty straight-forward tips that will definitely mamke your Pinterest account more efficient, and help you to put your business on the spotlight as well. Good luck, and do your best!


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As you see, today we focus on the newer social medial platforms. all of these networks are very promising, and who knows, maybe exactly one of this becomes #1 social network by the number of users soon. Don’t waste your time, come to the Tumblr, if you are not already there.

Socialmedia Delivered gives some very simple but essential tips for promoting your business on Tumblr. By Five Tips to Use Tumblr for Your business, these are all you have to know guys:

1.Share images and videos

2.Share other blogs more than your own. Hmm, this is interesting tip. focus on finding good quality content and reblog.

3.However, the most reblogged content is always images and shorter pieces

4. Post at the right time

5.Use tags but do not go overboard. 

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My Social Network Favorites

When i think about Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat… i get really happy! These are my favorite social networks. I have to admit that i am actually a little bit biased since Instagram is definitely my #1 social network. So it was very interesting to do a little bit of research, and find some good tips how to implement these three cool networks into your marketing plan in order to help your business marketing.


As i previously mentioned. I am a very big fan of Instagram. i think that pictures can say more than 1000 words, and i think that Instagram was definitely a brilliant idea to create. The fact that is only visual and does not require reading long text makes it simple and efficient. however, you have to find your own way to play with your pictures and be creative and interesting to your audience. Veronika Baranovska gives some cool tips how to use Instagram profile as a beneficial tool to your business marketing. Her article is called 7 Tips For Using Instagram For Business

1. Show what you do in a creative way

2.Create a winning profile

Related image

3.Take them behind-the-scenes

4.Expand your reach with #hashtags

5. Collaborate and @mention others

6. Build anticipation

7. Analyze your success and build on it


YouTube is one of the oldest but still the most popular social networks, and non of the new social networks can change that necessity of YouTube. Does anyone else feel like me that you can find there absolutely everything that crosses your mind? If you just are sitting at your home and tying to figure out how to cut the cucumber for the salad properly, the first thing that majority people will do is of course… YouTube it! That might be one of the reason why your company should be on YouTube. Many people are just YouTubing random things, and eventually they might YouTube your promotion.

The power of YouTube is great. however, it is time to get serious, and provide you with some good tips for using YouTube as a tool to promote your business. MindBody site talks about 7 ways to Effectively Use YouTube to Market Your Business

1.Make a YouTube channel that reflects your brand name

2.Use the right words

3.Include social network profiles

4. Upload a trailer

.5. Post how-to videos about your product or service

6. Get noticed

7. Include Testimonials

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Snapchat is the youngest of these three social networks, however it grow still continues. People really had a Snapchat fever, and suddenly everyone has a Snapchat account too. The first business that I saw promoting on Snapchat are fashion magazines and stores, but now it is very easy for every business to create Snapchat account, and start sending short videos or pictures. Ashley Zeknmen has very interesting article about 7 Tips For Incorporating Snapchat into your Marketing Strategy

Image result for snapchat tips

1.Add value for everyone

2. Be innovative, but don’t strive for protection

3. Just like Instagram, give the behind-the-scene look

4. Allow influences to do a Snapchat “takeover”

5. Don’t be afraid to test but be realistic about ROI

6. Take advantage of Snapchat features

7. How to do a Snapchat with “Limited Resource”

All of these social networks are pretty simple and fun. Take some time, be creative, and make promotion of your company while having fun online!

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Facebook, Twitter,Google+…Chose your Favorite!

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Social Media is definitely very popular among people. It is hard to find a person who does not have at least some social media account. There is something for , and you just need to choose which one you like the most. Today, we will focus on the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Each of these social media networks is different, so we will look for some marketing tips for using each of these accounts.


Cindy King in her article Six Facebook Marketing Tips From the Pros focuses specifically on Facebook, and gives some beneficial tips for using Facebook to promote your business. These are her tips coming from the pros:

1. Use ActionSprout for Email Acquisition (All other tips are pretty self-explanatory except the first one. We all know that the most visited on Facebook is New Feeds, and not any other page. Many times when audience suppose to be involved in some project on Faceboook, they have to leave the News Feed and actually visit the required page. Action Sprout eliminates that barrier by letting you to put the acquisition action in the news feed)

john haydon facebook demand2.

2.Boost a New Product Announcement

3.Use Website Custom Audience

4.Power Up your PR Efforts

5.Use Audience Insights

6.Split Test Facebook Ads

If you use these benefits properly, you can increase your company’s promotion a lot. Facebook is probably the most popular social network in the world right now. Don’t waste this opportunity.


Talking about Twitter now, Twitter is mostly the power of the word! It acknowledges how good are you in writing, and how much people appreciate what you tweet. It’s important to tweet original and catchy posts. Bernard Perrine in his article 5 Tips for Using Twitter to Drive Sales  explains how a person can use Twitter to increase sales for our business. Perrine writes:

1. Run a contest to increase engagement

2.Promote Specials and Offers

3.Create “Twitter-Specific” Offers

4.Engage your Twitter Community with the excitement of the season

5.Leverage Tweets about great purchases, shopping experiences and highlights from followers suggesting others buying from your brand


Google+ user number grows rapidly since Google made it mandatory for all gmail users to have Google+ account as well. Google+ is very beneficial for the Search Engine Optimization by making it easier for the marketers to show up on search results. Jason Miller writes about 5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing. Miller lists following:

1.Include Keywords and Relevant Links on Your About Page

2.Connect With your Whole Audience Using Google+ Events

3.Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results

4.Set up Google Authorship for SEO Benefits

5.Find Relevant Users and Conversations to Engage With

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If you already have Google+ account, you probably already know what I am talking about. For the rest of us who still don’t have Google+ account, I guess there is one more world there to discover.

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Videos For the Greatest Effect

The power of video is great! There is no better way to promote some product or service than creating a video story about it. An the beauty is, that it;s your video, so you create it exactly how you want to. In order to to create beneficial video to promote your company, listen to these tips that Jack Danielson’s has to give you in his article 5 Tips For Using Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

1 – Length Matters – Keep Them Short. Just like in everything in life, you don’t want to be bore to people, or bother them for too long. The audience usually has short spam of attention, so you want to have short video with clear message about your company’s product or service. The risk of having long video is that the audience maybe won’t watch it until the end, so it might miss your “call to action” message.

2 – Upload Directly To Social Media. Don’t upload your video to YouTube, and then try to share the link to the other social network. Each social media network has its own way of optimizing you videos for better results and visibility.

3 – Embed Logo and Links. Remember that the videos are great way to improve your brand awareness. The great tactic is also, to put your company’s logo and tag line in the corner of the screen. Like this, your company’s name can be seen during the whole video, and it can get stuck in the audience’s mind.

4 – Optimize For Search Engines. Even when posting your videos on social networks, it’s good to optimize them for the targeted SEO keywords. Choose the keywords that will be easy to think of when thinking about your company, and make sure that the video has the catchy title to remember for even easier search.

5 – Add a Call to Action. Never forget to add a CTA link to your video.Try to be as creative as possible in your video, so the CTA link would be the the most logical thing for your audience to click after watching the video.

Even though I gave an example of for the Online Display Advertising, this company inspired me again when i searched for the companies that do the best jobs in promoting their products through videos on social media. If you ask me, the videos that Nike creates in order to promote its sport gear are can’t be compared to any other sportswear company. Nike’s video are absolutely amazing.

This company has motivational videos for each sport that they create gear for.In each video, you can see one of the world’s best athletes for specific sport talking about it, or performing it. The videos are short, but extremely powerful. The videos have the best visual picture, sound, other effects, and strong message to get me out of house and lead directly to the court to work out (in Nike gear of course).


Visual Storytelling on Facebook

While reading Massimo Chieruzzi’s article 5 Visual Storytelling Tips to Power your Content marketing on Facebook, two statements really got my attention. Firstly, “Visual Storytelling has been a powerful state-of-the-heart method of communication”, and secondly, “93 percent of the most engaging Facebook posts include images”. So, let’s see which tips Chieruzzi’s has to give us for better communication through our Facebook images.

1. Showcase your inner culture. Let your customers to get to know your company better by introducing them to your inner culture and values of your company. Post pictures of the happy employees having cookout on a sunny day, some company achievement, or things that the customers are passionate about. By getting to know more about your company, you will get more loyal customers.

2. Let a mascot be your spokesperson. The mascot is very powerful tool for the marketing. Think in the case of the university, how many times you couldn’t remember the name of the school but you knew exactly the name and the look of the school’s mascot? The mascot gives the face and the personality to your brand. in addition, the study shows that the fictional characters create bigger social media boom than the celebrities.

3. Use audience-generated content. Get better connection with your customers but letting them to submit content on company’s page such as their picture with the company’s product for example, and then tagging them on their submissions. The audience will appreciate the try to get closer to your customers.

4. Bring out the protagonist. Share reviews and testimonials from those benefiting from your product. The word of mouth is the best marketing after all. People will appreciate your product or service more, if they see that brought good to many of the people already. Good example is also to share your story, how you started, which difficulties you had to overcome, and how your product now changes other peoples lives.

5. Leverage the power of videos. Video is always better story teller that the picture. According to Chieruzzi, “8/10 most shared content on Facebook last year included some form of video”. This can be addition to the bullet point #1. Post a video of the happy employees having cookout on a sunny day, some company achievement, or things that the customers are passionate about.

The company that has very good visual storytelling on Facebook is Starbucks. Starbucks posts on a regular basis Instagram photos of its fans to give a customer’s-eye view of the brand.

5 Visual Storytelling Tips To Implement On Facebook 3

This picture posted by a Starbucks fan generated more than a 80,000 likes, more than 350 comments, and more than 1,400 shares for the Starbucks Facebook Page. This is excellent strategy from Starbucks to use the word of mouth tactic, and also to bring welcoming to the new customers to Starbucks Family.

Another thing I like about Starbucks is that they always post the pictures that match specific period of the year. They have pictures with the Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines coffee cups, etc., and happy people hanging out with the friends while drinking coffee.  This is very good strategy as well because the majority of the people are visual, and small decorative coffee cups help them to get into the Holiday mood. My favorite thought of a winter is sitting in the cozy room, watching Christmas movie, and having a cop of hot coffee in my hand.


Why You Need A Good Strategy For Social Media

Social media strategy is the plan how the company will use the social media to communicate with the rest of the world. There are goals, objectives, and the desired outcome that company wants to achieve by using social media. Social media can be powerful tool in the world of marketing, and James Gurd gives us 6 reasons why you need a social media strategy.

1. The social web still is growing fast. Two interesting facts: 1) people accessing the internet from their phones increased 60% between 2012 and 2014; 2) age of 45-64 is the fastest growing bracket on the social media networks such as Tweeter and Facebook. Creating a targeted social media strategy will help you focus on using relevant platforms to connect with existing and new customers.

2. Purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. Nearly half of social media users are already using social media platforms when it’s about making a purchase. According to the Gurd: “40% of users are actively deciding what to buy based on what they have seen on social media platforms, including reviews and recommendations, and this is only set to grow”.

3. Lack of strategy hands the advantage to competitors. Having a strategy means that you devoted enough period of time to plan every step of your work. If you want to market your company on social media, you have to market it good. You cannot just post a content, and let it go and be seen. You have to know what to post, when, how, to whom and why. Poor social media posting only helps your competitors who take social media posting way more seriously than you.

4. Your customers are active on social media. Your customers are active on social media, and they will want to reach to you. they will have questions, and they will demand best possible answer. The best solution is Facebook or Tweeter customer service page. This requires some serious strategy in order to have always available and up-to date customer service.

5. There are key influencers in every social network. Remember the power of peer and influencer recommendation. We all know how customer ratings or reviews can change what we think about some product or service. Good strategy is also to have area expert, celebrity, self-made social media star, or some other trending influencer in order to help promote your company.

6. Reputations can be enhanced or destroyed on social networks. Social media plays very big role in the company’s promotion nowadays. Good promotion can bring you many benefits, but in case that your promotion gets negative feedback your company’s image can be ruined for a very long period of time.

Company that is doing amazing job on social media is Royal Dutch Airline. This company really understands the importance of customers engagement. As an Airline, they are always up to date. They put a lot of effort effort in their Customer Service section. The airline industry requires always to be in touch with the customers in case that the flight got delayed, canceled, etc. The innovation that Royal Dutch came up with is not only that they reply to the customer’s question, but before replying they give the estimated time in which the customer will get the answer.


Online Display Advertising


With the fact that digital world became an absolute necessity nowadays, we experience many benefits and relieves that come with it. Marketing is area that definitely benefited from the innovation in technology. Online Display Advertising is easy and efficient way to attract more customers. Many studies show that people react better on what they see, such as a display with an advertised product or service on it.

Image result for online display ads

LookSmart Blog gives three essentials how to create your own online display advertisement in 3 Tips For Effective Online Advertising article.

  1. Clutter – Free. Decide which message you want to have on your banner, and stick with it. Too much information can be overwhelming, and the potential customer could get confused about what is actually advertised. Keep it simple and clear.
  2. Call to Action. Make sure that your display ad has very clear “call to action” It should be easy for the customers to understand what they need to do. The best way would be to have “Click here”, or “Buy now” button.
  3. Creativity. Be creative! More effort you put in your advertisement, more people will be attracted to it. Remember that it needs to be eye catching. Do more research about how different colors affect readers, and which backgrounds fit the most with your product.

These are the essentials that are absolutely must have for the good online display advertisement. Of course, if you put more effort than this, you can only make your advertisement better. It’s simple and fun way to promote your product or service.

The company that achieved excellent business exposure with online display ads is Nike. They promote their products heavily with online display ads. In their ads they use images, but also audio and video as well. Nike always uses some of the best athletes in the world in their ad in order to attract more people to watch it, and eventually click on it.

But this time, Nike went even further more. Through a specially designed, real-time delivery tool, immersive 3-D display ads appeared across the desktop and mobile in the Google Display Network within second happening on TV. So Nike created display ads that can show the world’s best athletes in their moments of sport brilliance. Attracting more customers through the performances of world’s best athletes, pretty brilliant Nike.


Search Engine Marketing for Small Business

The thinking that paid search marketing is beneficial tool only for the big companies is wrong. The small, local business can also experience the benefits from it. Barney Garcia gives us 5 Search Engine Marketing Tips To compete with the Big Guys. The key for the small business to have successful Search Engine Marketing as well is to be tactical, and to follow these tips.

  1. Keyword Selection. In order to be able to compete with the bigger and richer companies, it is very important to be strategic in keywords selection. The best option is to pick the keywords that are pretty straight forward. Long tail keywords are beneficial too because they are good for targeting and cost efficient, but the disadvantage is that they can cause less traffic to your advertisement.
  2. Day/Geographic Parting. This is very important for the small business. Since the company works primarily locally, there is no need to use targeting for the whole county. In addition, day parting helps to limited the part of the day when you want to run the ads.Running the ads only at the time of the day when is the biggest conversion is very good competitive tactic as well.
  3. Ad Extensions. Since the small business usually has limited time when actually runs the adds, it is important to have there as much information as possible. For example, Google offers many ad extensions such as reviews, click to call links, location information, etc. Personally, my favorite ad extension is reviews.
  4. Engaging and Enticing Ad Copy. When you know that is not possible to outbid bigger companies, it’s crucial to be creative with your ad. The goal is to have an ad that stands out from the others, and that seems as a logical choice for the customers to click on it.

5. Looking Outside of Google. Don’t forget that there are more search engines than only google. the truth is, google is the most popular one and also the most expensive one, logically because there is the most traffic there. However, there are many more search engines such as Bing, or less popular LookSmart, Admarketplace, etc. These search engines do not have as much traffic as Google, but they are less expensive,and it’s a good idea to market there as well.

Even though the article is focused on the small business, I would like to spotlight Microsoft as a company that benefits from the paid search marketing. just to see how the big companies are doing it. Microsoft uses two ads, one from and the other one from this actually violets the Google’s rule that one company cannot use more than 1 account. But this is usual thing regarding big companies and paid search marketing.

The ad from the second account is more sales oriented, and Microsoft put more effort to develop this ad. It consists of couple calls-to-action in the ad copy and sitelink ad extensions to “buy. It provides the product information and the price which are great details, but the reviews section needs to be improved. Still, these two ads have unbelievable selling power for the Microsoft.


Marketing in your email box

Is it the email marketing one of the best things that happened to the marketing world? I surely think it is. It’s incredible how creative is human mind by constantly making new ideas which improve the efficiency of the human work. Even now, with the social media, SEO, etc. the email marketing still represents big role for the business marketing.

The article 5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing found on the fatrabbitcreative website  shows us the 5 most essential benefits of the email marketing.

  1. Email marketing is targeted. Targeted marketing  is much more efficient than non targeted marketing. With targeted marketing we don’t have to put our advertisement out in public, and hope that the right people will see it. Targeted marketing allows us to place the advertisement to the audience that most likely will become the future customers based on the demographic, location, or any other data.
  2. Email Marketing increases brand awareness. Email marketing is very cost efficient way to increase the brand awareness. The only things you need to put effort in are effective design and content of the email. With every sent email, the business has been advertised. And it’s a good chance that people who open it will become a customers if they like what they see.
  3. Email Marketing Is Easily Shareable. Probably the most easiest way fr the business to spread its brand awareness is email sharing. The person likes the email offer, and immediately shares it to his/her friends. With only one email send from the business, by forwarding email it continues its journey to the next prospective customers.
  4. Email Marketing is Measurable. While many marketing channels use estimates for their analytics, the email marketing offers the precise information. And these information are not only numbers and percents, but also the information to which the customers are more responsive. Email marketing can track consumers behavior, which is very useful tool in a a marketing world.
  5. Email marketing is cost effective. even though all these benefits seem very appealing, the people usually like to see the cost effects. Because of that the last advantage comes as the icing on the cake. email marketing has very good return on investment. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spent, outperforming search, display, and social marketing.

So, in my opinion, email marketing is a great way to promote your own business effectively and cost efficiently. It allows you to choose to whom you want to sent it, it’s easy to spread among the people, and it definitely pays off. After all, we all have email connected to our smart phones nowadays, and I know that I open it couple of times during the day not from the necessity but from the habitual behavior.

The company that benefits from email marketing from my own experience is Expedia. As member of Expedia, I receive many email with the most popular offers during the day. Not only that, but I receive email for the destinations that I recently checked on Expedia’s website. Since that flight prices can change drastically in period of only one day, the most efficient way for Expedia to inform its customers about the current prices is definitely email marketing.

Furthermore, on December 14, 2015, the decided to add MessageGears to its enterprise email marketing solution. With this solution the company can improve its data efficiency by not replicating it in the cloud anymore.  Just as Scott Grove, Sr. Director of Technology  at said for the MessageGears Provides Enterprise-Wide Email Marketing Solution to Expedia “MessageGears provides us with unique benefits including real-time access to our customer data from a centralized databases. This allows us to increase the personalization and relevancy of our communication with our customers”.