The purpose of marketing is to be seen, therefore to attract more customers. The bigger the number of visitors on the company’s website page, the bigger the chance that the visitors will become the customers. because of that it is important to be familiar with the SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The SEO helps to increase the number of visitors to a company’s website by remaining the high rank in the search results page of the search engine such as Google. Bing, etc.

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The Business Insider gives us the 10 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started :

  1. Monitor Where You Stand. We won’t know if there is any improvements, if we don’t monitor the search standings. It’s easy to monitor the website’s search ranking using the Google Toolbar
  2. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. Choose appropriate and unique keywords for you title, content, URLs, and image names. Also be aware that putting the enormous amount of keywords can make you look like spammer, and the search engines are programmed to ignore those appearances.
  3. Link Back to Yourself. The primary strategy for the SEO is to ingrate internal links into your site. This is the easiest way to attract the traffic to your page.
  4. Create a Sitemap. The visitors like when the website is create simple, and when it takes them fewer clicks to get where they wanna be. A page listing and linking to all the major pages on your website is a great idea to make it easier for your website visitors.
  5. Search-Friendly URLs. Always use simple, and clear to understand URL names. In this case, the simplicity is golden.

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6. Avoid Flash. Flash maybe looks fancy, but it is completely useless. If you decide to have your main page as the splash page with flash, put the text and the navigation links under it.

7.Image descriptions. Always have the description of the image as descriptive as possible. The text in the picture is useless because the spiders can only read the text explaining the image, but not the text on the image. so, name every picture on your site.

8.Content. The content of your website should always be updated. Actually, one of the best ways to have your content always updated is to integrate the blog.

9. Social Media Distribution. Distribute your website on social media as much as possible. There are many ways to do that now such as recommended, re-tweeted, or shared by someone else.

10.Link to others. Really good way to attract more visitors to your site is to create partnerships with other websites. They can promote your site on their pages, and you can certainly return the favor.

The use of SEO makes it easier for the companies to boost their traffic on the websites, and it is definitely useful tool for the businesses.

The original article 10 Basic SEO tips to get you started can be found by clicking the pink hyper link.

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The company that benefited from using SEO for its website is Buffalo Wild Wings. They had invested heavily on many marketing and advertising channels before using SEO without seeing any improvements. With using SEO, Buffalo Wild Wings edited their Name Address and Phone number on the BWW official site. With this editing, the business experiences incredible results, and it became the first ranked for all local search queries based on each of their location.


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