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I’ll be discussing the benefits and uses of web analytics but first and foremost what is web analytics you may ask? Well in a nutshell it’s a tool used for collecting data about the persons who visit websites. It also tells us how visitors found our website and which keywords they used in order to find our site. Google analytics actually tracks this information down, gathers it and were’ able to use this information to improve our website in areas which are lacking.
Google analytics is split into four key reporting areas which are visitors, acquisition, behavior and conversions. We’re able to see what they are doing on our websites by viewing which pages have the highest traffic. The audience report is important because it determines which devices people are using when they visit our webpages whether it’s android, iPhone, laptops running windows or Linux. This is important because with this information we can determine whether our websites are compatible with these devices. Google analytics also determines our user’s location, age and interests as well which is why this is a very important analytical tool for not just determining traffic but also for budgets.

With all the data collected and analyzed we can wisely allocate our budgets towards areas which are lacking and help improve them significantly. I know you must be thinking “Wow I bet it’s expensive!” well it’s actually free. It’s as simple as just visiting and signing up and following the on screen instructions. And yet they say the best things in life aren’t free!


When you’re involved in business and marketing it’s imperative to stay in or at least be ahead of the curve and honestly there’s no better way to do it than through this free tool provided by google.

The business that has benefited from using Google Analytics is Epson. Funny how the business’ slogan “exceed your vision” perfectly describes purpose of the web analysis as well. Epson finds the conversion analysis behind Google Analysis as a perfect measurement to determine the success of its advertising.



The Business Benefits of Google Analytics Link


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