The most successful businesses know that nowadays the Internet plays the most important role for marketing. That is the reason why they invest a lot of money and time to make their website page to look better and to work more efficient than the competitor’s page. Carrie Cousins explains how to create good good website page by following 5 Ways To Make Your Website Better Today.

So let’s begin:

1. Reboot with images. Keep in mind that the majority of the visitors are visual, and that they pay attention to the pictures that are shown on the website. Because of that, we have to make sure to update newer and more interesting pictures on a daily basis. the visitors will appreciate the accuracy and innovation  of the pictures.

Image result for Disney Font

2. Take Typography Up a Notch. Feel free to play with the font of the letters on the website page. The simplicity is not always the best solution. sometimes it is good to be different than others, and for example have Disney font for the letters. At the end, we all love Disney.

3. Try a Trendy Hue. The website should definite;y look eye-catching, and the colors on it can be very helpful for it. Be brave and put some crazy eye-catching color just to make it different. For example, earlier known as a “the new neutral” and today known as a “lime-green” is a great choice for buttons, links, and etc. on a darker backgrounds.

4. Add a video. The video became a definite must have for the advertising. It is completely okay to be short and simple. After all, you don’t want to be boring to your visitors with some 20-minutes video commercial. who has time today for that long videos ? Not me, that’s for sure.

5. Picque Interest with icons. We all know that social media is life nowadays. The way easier and efficient way to communicate with your visitors on the web page is to provide icon pack. Easy and simple way to do next desired action after carefully viewing the website.

Image result for set of social media icons

These are all very easy, but essential thing to make the business website working efficiently. the customer will appreciate the simplicity, but at the same time, the creativity and differentiation of the website.

The good example for the efficient business website is a clothing brand Hollister Co. The first thing that I notice when I visit their website is always the new pictures on the home page. They targeted their audience to the young people who like casual clothing style, and that is exactly what kind of pictures they post. The colors that overwhelm the page are always the colors that are the most fashionable at the moment. In addition, the menu is very well organized, and there is a clear distinction between guys and the girls sector.

Image result for holister co
At the end of the day there’s more than one way to skin a cat or to write a blog. But one thing they all include  is that there needs to be some personal touch when it comes to making a business blog. Some passion should be used to make your business website standout and to attract visitors. We shouldn’t be so generic in our approach but attempt to breath life into our website by adding that touch of personal flavor and creativity. I like how this blog’s post meshes with my previous one in showing that there’s more to creating a successful business website and that they both coincide with one another.

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