Blogging just like any other industry requires some background information before diving in head first and I’ve found just the right tips for maintaining a successful business blog according to Ky Tiesel.

  • Write regularly
    Even though it’s a business blog the key is to stay consistent. Writing regularly keeps our readers engaged to us and we show them that we care enough to keep updating our blogs.
  • Blogging is a vehicle for promoting our business
    Blogging is advertising at the end of the day whether its our brand or another. We are sharing our thoughts each time we post an article.
  • Business is Personal
    We should keep things personal to an extent to keep our readers engaged with our life. If we cannot keep up with the blog or find that we don’t want to be so personal, we should have a trusted business associate be the face of our blog.
  • Our blog shouldn’t just be about us and our business
    I found this very helpful when Ky mentioned that we should blog about what’s going on in our industry and also give tips and hints without the fear of having people only come to our blog to steal our ideas. He discussed how having them visit our blog and them realizing how we cared for the industry as a whole, would make us gain customers in the process.
  • Honesty
    We should be honest in our reviews and not have any bias because whenever we are found to be dishonest we immediately lose credibility. There’s many ways to have a successful business formula and there is not just one cookie cutter formula. We just have to keep writing regularly and stay honest in our blogs. This way we can build a regular base with our readers and keep them engaged. People love to feel a sense of connection with certain brands and that’s what a successful business blog really is at the end of the day, us showing that we are human at the end of the day just like our readers, that we care about our industry just as much as them and that we too can grow and learn with each other.

A successful business blog which I’ve frequented over the past few years is Financial Samurai. Financial samurai not only gives great advice for business start ups, blogging and personal finance but also includes articles on lifestyle. It is run by a guy by the name of Sam who started out working a regular 9-5 job then decided to venture into business blogging. He’s been very successful ever since. This website also is great because it doesn’t just talk about 501ks but also digs into real estate and other financial ventures which is why it’s been so successful. Just reading one of the comment sections show’s how much attention this website garners.


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